Safety Tips



Insurance: Having the right insurance coverage can make a significant difference to your recovery and financial well being if you’re in a car crash. If you need help or consultation with your insurance plan give us a call so we can help you understand what your plan covers and more importantly, what it does not cover.

Protect your wealth: Many people don’t even consider how their wealth could be impacted by an accident. An accident can have devastating effects on your financial well being.   Having the right type of insurance in adequate amounts can make all the difference.   Give us a call today and we can help you fully understand your current plan and help you become adequately prepared for the realities of an accident.  For example, you may want to consider purchasing additional personal injury protection coverage and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. These coverages are purchased to protect you in the event of a car crash. If you are the person causing the accident, you will want to make certain you have sufficient insurance coverage to protect your wealth.   Don’t hesitate to call Injury Defenders today to help you get a better understanding of your insurance needs.

Guidance: It’s important to have a plan in place so that you know what to do if you are in an accident. At Injury Defenders, we make this easy with a free Accident Survival Kit. This Kit contains everything that you need to know in very simple form. It also acts as a holder for your insurance card, and registration information in case you are pulled over for any reason. Typically when people are in an accident, their mind goes blank, and they are unsure of what to do. Being adequately prepared and treating your accident properly can make all the difference. We have a step by step guide that walks you through all of the information that you need to know and gives you specific advice is various circumstances. REMEMBER, you can always call Injury Defenders and we will send out an attorney to meet you at the scene of the accident or right after and help you understand the process and get you back on track. We are available 24/7 to defend your rights.