PHUKET, THAILAND - NOVEMBER 3 : Van accident on the road and craMotorcycle accidents can be some of the worst injuries possible. The very nature of riding on a motorcycle is dangerous. Not that the motorcycle itself is dangerous, but when you are on a motorcycle you have to be the most alert driver possible. You have to drive defensively. You have to drive as though everyone is out to hit you. You have to anticipate what is coming perfectly, because if you don’t there is a great price to pay. At Injury Defenders, we know what it’s like to deal with motorcycle claims. We have done it for many years. We not only support victims in motorcycle wrecks, but we support motorcycle groups who are dedicated to giving back to the community.

There are many reasons for someone to be injured while riding a motorcycle. Some of them include: other drivers not paying attention and road hazards or other road conditions.

If you have been in a motorcycle wreck, you may be feeling unsure about what to do. You may be bombarded by the insurance company asking you to do a recorded statement of sign some release papers. You may unsure how you are going to pay for your medical bills, or perhaps you are not receiving medical treatment because you are afraid you cannot pay for the help. These are all very common concerns for individuals who are involved in a car wreck. At Injury Defenders we are here to help you through the entire process. We will deal with the insurance companies so that they do not bother you. We will ensure that you are able to obtain all treatment that is possible. We will hold the insurance companies responsible.

When you are in a wreck you can inadvertently do damage to your claim by signing certain forms or making statements that can be turned against you later. At Injury Defenders, we are here to help you know exactly what to do and what not to do. The insurance companies have many individuals constantly looking out for their interests on every case, but unless you have someone on your side, you are going to have to face them alone.

Our unique approach to personal injury work sets us apart from many other attorneys. To us, you are not just another file. You are a real person, with real feelings of pain, worry and hurt. Your life has been turned upside down. Your family has been impacted. Often what makes the difference in a personal injury case is how well the attorney knows the case and cares about the client. Before an attorney can really help you, he or she must know you. We want to get to know you, know what happened to you and how that has affected you and your family. We want to dive into your case and really understand how you are feeling. Because an attorney/client relationship is one of mutual trust and respect, you should feel comfortable with your attorney and be able to speak with him when needed.   You will feel respected by us and comfortable talking to us about your injury and damages.   That is the Injury Defenders promise. Our caring, people oriented approach has yielded outstanding results for many clients. See our testimonials.

Give us a shot: Call now to talk directly to a real personal injury attorney.   When you call Injury Defenders, you will not get the legal assistant shuffle. You will speak directly to a personal injury attorney.   We’re here to answer your questions 24/7.   There is no charge for the initial consultation and, if you don’t like what you hear, by all means don’t hire us.   Once we agree to help you, you will owe us nothing unless we recover money for you. That means that our interests are the exact same as yours. We have every incentive to work hard and get you what you deserve. Don’t waste any more time, give us a call and let our Injury Defenders answer your questions.