Short circuit, burnt cable, on dark color backgroundEvery day we use a variety of products that are designed and manufactured for our use. Sometimes companies ignore proper procedures or fail to sufficiently test products prior to placing those products into the stream of commerce. If you are injured by a product, then you are probably not alone. When a product is designed or manufactures with defects, those defects can harm thousands of people. It is important that you stand up to these companies and make them accountable for their actions. If you don’t, the companies will continue to focus on their bottom line and not about providing a safe product for consumers. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight alone. Here at Injury Defenders we want to make companies accountable for their actions.

There are several types of defective product cases:

Design Defects: These are instances of negligence in the planning stages of a product. When a product is designed improperly they will be manufactured that way and introduced into the stream of commerce.

Manufacturing Defects: These are defects in the way that a product is assembled or manufactured. If you are injured by a product that was designed properly but put together improperly, you may still qualify for compensation.

Warning Defects: These are mistakes or failures to warn people about the dangers of using a product.

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