Cases We Take

We can take cases in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Types of Injuries


Broken Bones are painful and often require surgery. Broken bones can change your line
or work and make your life much more difficult.


Injuries to the spine are very diverse. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury that requires surgery to repair then your entire life has likely been flipped upside down.


Brain injuries can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to process information and keep up with regular life. Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBI’s”) can dramatically impact the very essence of a being.


Surgeries require time away from the things you love and the life you know. Surgeries can be expensive and time consuming. We work with you throughout the entire process. Your struggle is our struggle.


Death is extremely difficult to deal with under any circumstances, most of all when it is unexpected and someone else’s fault. We compassionately approach these cases and strive to help the family through such a difficult experience.


There might be nothing worse than experiencing severe emotional trauma following abuse, rape, or neglect. Mental and emotional injuries can often be much worse than physical injuries. Anyone experiencing physical, emotional, sexual, or any other abuse deserves help.


When a crash leaves a person immobile for their rest of their life the entire family suffers and needs to be made whole. Permanent impairment is potentially the worst thing that can happen to a person, it literally changes everything.


Severe scarring can be embarrassing and traumatizing. It can create seclusion and a lack of confidence. When you don’t look like you, you don’t feel like you either. If that is someone else’s fault then you deserve to be made whole.

How People Get Hurt


Car Crashes happen every day. When a crash happens it is important that you know what to do and also what not to do. Make sure that you get the medical treatment that you need to return to pre-crash condition. It is important to get advice from a practicing attorney who works exclusively on injury cases so that you know how to properly handle the situation.


Every day, innocent people are hit by cars while doing simple tasks such as crossing the road or carrying their groceries to their vehicle. A vehicle, which potentially weighs thousands of pounds, against a human body will often result in serious injuries completely altering someone’s life. This often affects bike riders, rollerbladers, skaters, joggers and more.


One of the greatest dangers facing a person indoors is a fire hazard. Fires spread quickly and bring destruction in their path. Fires start for a variety of reasons. If a fire has caused you or a loved one significant injuries, then you should contact a personal injury attorney who understands the intricacies of fire cases.


Semi trucks carry substantial weight and when they are operated without extreme care they can cause substantial harm to other people on the road. Often semi crashes cause death or permanent impairment. Never ride on either side of a semi for longer than you must to pass them.


Death is extremely difficult to deal with under any circumstances, most of all when it is unexpected and someone else’s fault. Our unique approach to death cases is full of compassion and understanding. We know that an entire family and potentially an entire community is affected by the loss of a dear friend or loved one.


Airplanes are an amazing tool to get us from point A to point B. They can also provide significant enjoyment and entertainment to recreational users. Unfortunately, sometimes people act negligently in the operation or building of a plane which can cause serious harm to its occupants.


Land owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe and free of hazards that can cause other people harm. If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, which has caused you serious injury, then you need to speak to an attorney who can help you understand the legal maze and help you with your case.


Dogs may be man’s best friends but sometimes they snap. Often a dog bites because of prior instances of abuse or fear. Dog bites can cause permanent effects on a victim, especially little children who might suffer from severe scaring for the rest of their life. Dog bite laws vary widely from state to
state so it is important that you contact a dog bite attorney who knows the laws of the state in which the bite occurred.


Companies have a responsibility to produce safe products for the public to use. If a product is defective and that product causes people harm then someone needs to fight back and tell these companies that we, as a society, do not accept these harmful products. Someone needs to hold these companies accountable for risking people’s health to save a buck.


Motorcycles are unique because when you are in a crash while riding one you have little chance of avoiding serious injury. Motorcycle riders must be hyper vigilant with their driving and hyper aware of their surroundings, including the behavior of the vehicles around them. Unfortunately, vehicles often fail to see motorcycles due to their size and it causes people’s lives to be turned upside down.


Unfortunately, people think that they can drink and still successfully operate a motor vehicle. This poses a great danger to everyone. When someone makes the choice to drink and drive they must be held accountable. If you are the victim of a drunken driver’s negligence and it has caused you substantial harm then you need to step up and make a stance that we, as a society, will not tolerate this kind of behavior.


From little kids having fun to adults touring around on their road bikes, everyone loves riding a bike. We all know that vehicles are supposed to “share the road” but cars often fail to look before crossing an intersection or making a turn and they collide with a cyclist. A heavy metal vehicle against a human body typically results in serious and even deadly injuries.